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FY ’15 Close Information: Last Day of FY’15 - June 30th

The end of the Fiscal Year (FY) is right around the corner and your assistance is requested to expedite the processing of claims. All remaining FY’15 vendor and travel claims are to be submitted to B&F no later than June 16th. If you are traveling between June 16th-30th, or receive FY’15 invoices between June 16th-30th, please ensure these claims are submitted to B&F no later than July 16th.

Important reminders to assist with expediting vendor and reimbursement claims:
  • Please ensure all claims have appropriate signatures (refer to DNR signature policy if applicable), date and cost center(s) for payment.
  • Please begin using the vendor payment label that has been provided and let Trisha Buck know if you need a box of labels to get started.
  • If you are using a new vendor, ensure a W-9 form is submitted ASAP.
  • Review the Expenditure Recap before calling B&F staff to research any unpaid claims. This information is typically published by the 7th of the month for the previous month. To receive notification of the availability of this information, please send an e-mail from the subscribers account to:
  • If you have new staff who will be submitting travel claims, please email their names to Cathy McKnight so she can enter them into the payment system.
  • Please return any claims or PCard documentation you may have received for correction ASAP after receipt.
  • Packing slips are required:
    • When the invoice is dated in one fiscal year and chargeable to another fiscal year.
    • When the invoice indicates a shipment date of June 25 through June 30.
    • When an invoice date of June 25 through July 5 has no shipment date.
      • On the packing slip, clearly identify or highlight the received date. If no received date is on the packing slip, the employee must sign and note “received date XX” on the packing slip.
      • If no packing slip was provided, but a tracking number was provided for the shipment, the employee must go to the appropriate shipping website and print and submit the tracking/shipment information again highlighting the received date.
      • If no tracking/shipment information is available, and no packing slip was included, the employee must sign and date the invoice stating what date the items were received and also noting that no packing slip/tracking information was provided.
  • As we cross into FY’16 and you start receiving and submitting FY’16 claims, please note the fiscal year on the top of your claims.

Thank you for your assistance in ensuring claims are submitted timely and accurately so that the fiscal year can be closed out efficiently!