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DNR Intranet

  • Please logon using your complete DNR email address as your user name followed by your desktop (email) password.

  • Intranet Home Page

For assistance call the OCIO Help Desk at 515-281-5703 during regular business hours.
Use of this site is restricted to authorized staff of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

725 prefixes

The processing to update phone numbers in Outlook to the 725 prefix will not occur until after Thanksgiving. Please utilize DNR Staff Phone Directory with 725 numbers until this transition has been completed.

If you find a phone number on the Intranet that needs to be updated, please contact Emily Bainter with the location and correct number.

DNR Clothing Contract Update

At long last, we have updated clothing contracts in place for staff to begin using! Clothing contract information is now available on the Contracting and Purchasing page, under DNR Clothing/Uniform Contracts. This webpage will be a one-stop shop that staff should use when purchasing DNR apparel to ensure they are purchasing from a current master agreement and are using the correct ordering procedures.

In order to determine where DNR apparel should be purchased, here is a breakdown of the vendors on master agreement and their product availability:
  • Class A Uniform Apparel- Master Agreement with Ray O’Herron Co. Inc.
  • 511/Horace Small Apparel- Master Agreement with Grainger
  • Polos, Twill Shirts, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets (variety of manufacturers)- Master Agreement with Broken Arrowwear
  • Carhartt Apparel- Master Agreement with Liberty Store
  • Footwear- Master Agreements with Carpenter Uniform, Ray O’Herron and Galls

When contacting the vendor to place orders, either via email or phone, staff must provide the master agreement number to ensure they receive contract pricing unless it is already noted on the order form (see DNR Clothing/Uniform Contracts page). If staff have a specific clothing need that is not covered by one of the master agreements noted below, please contact Trisha Buck at, 515-725-8210 or Linda Miller at, 515-725-8214 for additional procurement guidance.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this guidance, please feel free to speak with your supervisor or contact Trisha Buck or Linda Miller.